Setup iCloud on your iDevice

iDevices Email Setup

Are you one of those people trying to add your e-mail accounts to the iPad? Well if you are trying to and you can’t get it right or you can’t figure it out then you will learn just how to do that right now. You can also do the initial iCloud setup and configure the iPadiCloud email setup. TheiPad has a mail application that allows you to access your yahoo mail, Gmail, MobileMe, AOL, Microsoft exchange and other POP3 and IMAP email accounts for your iPad. As soon as you have added your account to the iPad you will be able to start sending all sorts of documents and files. You can also go about it by iCloudsetup.

There are two ways to go about setting up an email account on the iPad as you can use your iCloud email set up options. The first way is when you add the email accounts to the iPad and the second one is when you use iTunes and your iPad connected to a computer and then you would add the email accounts. Let’s look at the first way of doing this now.

To set up an email account on your iPad you will have to:

1.      Select the “mail” icon on the home screen of the iPad

2.      Select the type of account you wish to use or access. The list should include:

  • AOL
  • Gmail
  • MobileMe
  • Yahoo mail
  • Microsoft exchange
  • Many others

3. You will now enter the information required for the account you have chosen.

4. Select save.

5. You will now be in your email account and youwill see all the latest messages. You can then select“inbox” to view all messages in your inbox.


Some of these can be done from the initial iCloud setup or from iCloudsetup procedures that you will learn as you go along. Using the iCloud to do everything has its benefits as you will be able to change anything you want using the iCloud settings. You will also be able to manage iCloud settings. This is also easy as the iCloud has its iCloud settings menu.


The next method of setting up email accounts to your iPad is by using iTunes. Here is how you would do it:

1.      Connect your iPad and open iTunes

2.      Locate and select the iPad in the iTunes sidebar

3.      Click the info button

4.      Scroll all the way down until you arrive at “sync mail accounts from”  and click to activate

5.      Now select the email application that you will use to sync your email form

6.      Click “apply” to save


These are two simple ways of synchronizing your email accounts with your iPad or entering them in the iPad itself. The choice is yours to make.You can also do initial iCloud setup on a pc.